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About Australian Labradoodles


The first Labradoodle was developed by the Royal Guide

Dog Association of Australia in an effort to create an

allergy-friendly guide dog.


Then, in the late 1980s, Tegan Park and Rutland Manor,

the two founders of the Australian Labradoodle as we

know it today, began carefully infusing several other

breeds into early generations of their Lab/Poodle

crosses, all to improve temperament, coat,

conformation, and size. Eventually, the infusing

only included the lab, poodle, and cocker spaniel

(American and English). DNA in some lines will still

show the original parent breeds.

Today's Australian Labradoodles are wonderful,

intelligent, family-friendly dogs with lush coats

that are more reliably low to non-shedding and

allergy-friendly than other types of Labradoodles. 


A multigeneration Australian Labradoodle comes

about from the breeding of one Australian Labradoodle

to another. Multigeneration Australian Labradoodles

typically have a non-shedding coat (as much as a dog

can be non-shedding) if both parents are also non-shedding. 

Green Hills Labradoodles only breeds Multigeneration

Australian Labradoodles.



An Australian Labradoodle is a perpetual optimist.

Everything is happy in their world. They are jovial,

comical, and goofy, but also content just to relax with

their people. They want to do whatever you’re doing.

If the kids are running around playing, that’s what they

want to do! If you’re snuggled up with a good book, they

will happily curl up beside you. It’s the absolute best of

both worlds. Australian Labradoodles love to play and

have just the right amount of energy. If you feel like

hiking they will be the first at the door. they will litarly

love doing anything with their owner. They are incredibly

intelligent and eager to please, which makes them extremely

trainable. They need regular exercise, but nothing like the

requirements of some of the field hunting breeds.

They adore toys! they love them all. They are hypersensitive

toward people. They LOVE their humans and tend to be very

in-tune with their needs. This makes them excellent therapy

and service dog candidates.

They are fantastic with kids, other animals, and think

everyone is their friend.


Size Categories


  • Miniature: Under 14 kg

  • Medium: 14-20 kg

  • Standard: Over 21 kg

 Our Labradoodles range from a size small to a medium.

Green Hills Doodles is only able to estimate the adult

size Since we do not breed parents that are the same size,

the offspring can be a range of sizes.




Australian Labradoodle colors vary widely and include

solid and parti-colors (more than one color). Keep in

mind, a pup may not retain his original color.

At times, a puppy’s coat will lighten with age or may

surprise everyone by darkening. Coat color will range

in shade and intensity.


​Black pigmented dog colors: Chalk / Cream /

Apricot / Gold / Red / Black / Blue / Silver

Brown pigmented dog colors: Caramel Ice /

Caramel Cream / Caramel / Caramel Red /

Chocolate / Lavender / Cafe / Parchment

Coat Types


Fleece:  A wavy to curly coat that has the feel

of silky angora. This is typically a non-shedding coat.

The coat can be higher maintenance during the

transition from puppy to adult dog.

Wool: Curly like a poodle, usually non-shedding

and allergy-friendly. A wool coat typically has a

more cotton-like feel. This coat can be high

maintenance if kept long. Clipping it shorter will

cut down on the maintenance.

Green Hills only breeds wavy and wavy/curley

fleece Australian Labradoodles.


Life Expectancy


12-15 years

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