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Country Field
Wooden Surface

Catherine Manor Lexi

The heart of the family and pack leader

Maple is the example of the perfect Australian Labradoodle. We swear she is part human, part child and part stuffed toy. She is as smart as they can come. She understands ao many words and follows commands to the fullest. You never have to ask twice. she loves being with her humans taking part in any activity. She loves car rides, crazy about hiking, swimming in lakes and just exploring nature. She's a super curious dog which means she loves encountering new things. never intimidated or suspecious. Maple has zero agression in her. She loves greeting new people and dogs with the best positive vibe and actually has been known to turn aggressive dogs completly around due to her outgoing posituve manner. Maple is a super positive, friendly, smart companion a family could ever hope for.

Her puppies are going to be MAGIC!!!

Misty Football Field
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